Mini Bus Prices in Nigeria


Mini buses are a common mode of transportation in Nigeria, particularly for short to medium-distance travel within cities and towns.

Mini Bus Prices in Nigeria

This article looks at mini bus prices in Nigeria and the factors that influence them.

Factors Influencing Minibus Prices in Nigeria

The price of a minibus in Nigeria is influenced by:

  • Brand
  • Age
  • Condition
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Type

Most Popular Mini Bus Brands

BrandPrice Range
Toyota Hiace₦4 million – ₦5 million
Nissan Urvan₦3 million – ₦4 million

Toyota Hiace is the most popular and widely used minibus brand in Nigeria.

Older mini buses are generally less expensive than newer ones, but have higher maintenance costs. Well-maintained, low mileage mini buses in excellent condition will be more expensive.

Diesel mini buses are more expensive than gasoline ones, but have better fuel efficiency and lower long-term maintenance costs.

Where to Purchase Mini Buses in Nigeria

Mini buses can be purchased from:

  • Car dealerships
  • Online marketplaces
  • Private sellers

Popular dealerships include Fortchunz Motors and DS Automobiles. Jiji, OLX, and Autochek are popular online marketplaces. Caution should be used when purchasing from private sellers.

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Mini buses are an important transportation option in Nigeria. Prices vary based on brand, age, condition, mileage and fuel type. Purchase mini buses from reputable dealerships or online marketplaces for the best expe

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