Lexus RX 330 Price in Nigeria (May 2024)


Lexus is a luxury car brand known for its longevity and quality. You’ve probably seen them on the road or in dealership ads. Lexus cars are built for speed, style, and luxury.

Lexus RX 330 Price in Nigeria

In this article, we will share the price of Lexus RX 330 in Nigeria and everything you need to know about the car.


Price of Lexus RX 330 in Nigeria 

Lexus RX 330 price in Nigeria depends on several factors. The tokunbo price ranges from ₦3,500,000 to ₦15,000,000 depending on the model, the brand, and the years of its use. However, you might find a good deal in the Nigerian resale market.

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Power Features of Lexus RX 330 Car in Nigeria 

  • A powerful 190 horsepower, 250nm torque engine provides smooth, effortless acceleration
  • Fuel-efficient technology helps save on fuel
  • A streamlined body design with bold lines gives it a sleek, athletic appearance
  • The luxury Lexus brand is known for stylish designs
  • Sleek, sharp exterior design turns heads and makes maneuvering easy
  • A spacious, comfortable interior provides a smooth ride
  • Modern, sophisticated exterior design
  • Perfect family or business vehicle with comfort and style
  • It is easy to get in and out of the vehicle safely


Lexus RX 330 Car performs extremely well while still being fuel efficient. If the above price of the Lexus 330 in Nigeria fits your budget, then it would be a great investment to own this car. It is the perfect car for someone who wants a luxury vehicle without the frills.

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