Croaker Fish Price in Nigeria


The croaker fish market stands as a vibrant and significant aspect of Nigeria’s seafood sector.  Croaker fish is known for its distinct taste and nutritional richness which expands its demand in the Nigerian culinary landscape.

Croaker is a popular fish that is consumed by the majority of Nigeria, and the economic dynamics governing croaker fish prices become increasingly pivotal.

The demand for croaker fish acts as a compelling force in determining the price of croaker fish in Nigeria. 

seafood statistics in Nigeria

The global fish and seafood market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.94% from 2023 to 2028, reaching a value of US$771.30 million kg by 2028. China is the largest market for fish and seafood, generating US$88 billion in revenue in 2023. The average person is expected to consume 2.9 kg of fish and seafood in 2023.

In this article, we will explore the price of croaker fish in Nigeria, How much croaker fish per kilo, how many pieces of croaker fish are in a carton, and how much a carton of croaker fish is in Nigeria. 

Croaker fish price in Nigeria  

Croaker fish have 3 types of croaker fish in the Nigeria market

  • Frozen local croaker
  • Red imported croaker fish
  • White imported croaker fish

The frozen local croaker is mostly caught by Nigerian fishermen and refrigerated or sold fresh 

The local croaked fish is white in color and costs more than the imported croaker fish.

The imported croaker fish comes in red and white color, most consumers prefer the red imported croaker fish to the white imported croaker fish.

Frozen Croaker Fish Price in Nigeria 

The price of fresh croaker fish uncut size in Nigeria is between ₦7000 to ₦10,000 depending on its size. 

Croaker Fish Price in Nigeria

Croaker fish is sold in kilos and fresh uncut sizes or cut slices 

How much is a kilo of croaker fish 

Croaker fish is mostly sold in kilos (kg), The price of croaker fish price is ₦4500 

How many pieces of croaker fish are in a carton 

The number of pieces you will find in each carton depends on the size of the croaker fish in each carton. Some cartons will have small sizes, some come with a mixture of both medium and big sizes while some have just medium sizes or big sizes.

A carton of croaker fish weighs 20kg. A carton croaker has between 20 and 27 pieces of croaker fish depending on its size.

How much is a carton of croaker fish in Nigeria 

A carton of  fresh croaker fish uncut size is between ₦79000 to ₦85000

Where to buy croaker fish in Nigeria  

You can buy croaker fish in Nigeria at any local fish markets, supermarkets, or directly from fishermen in coastal areas. Nigeria’s popular fish markets include those in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and other coastal cities.

You can also  find them in any of the following locations:

  •  grocery stores 
  • seafood markets 
  • Cold rooms 
  • Frozen food stores 
  • Online markets 


The croaker fish market in Nigeria is a dynamic and vital component of Nigeria’s seafood industry. With croaker’s distinct taste and nutritional value, croaker fish has continued to be a high-demand staple in the Nigerian culinary scene.

The demand for croaker fish and economic fluctuation in Nigeria play a pivotal role in determining its pricing, with variations based on types such as frozen local croaker, red imported croaker fish, and white imported croaker fish. This article has unleashed the price of croaker fish in Nigeria.

To purchase croaker fish in Nigeria, one can explore local fish markets, supermarkets, and coastal areas directly from fishermen, grocery stores, seafood markets, cold rooms, frozen food stores, and online markets. 

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