15 Cheap Soups to Cook in Nigeria With 1k or Less (2024)


Are you a Nigerian who loves to eat your native soup? Are you looking for a cheap soup to cook in Nigeria with at least 1k? If yes, we have different types of cheap soups to cook in Nigeria with at least ₦1000 irrespective of your tribe.

Nigeria soups are enveloped with various tastes from different ingredients such as palm oil, vegetables, crayfish, locust beans (iru), proteins, and spices. 

One of the great things about Nigerian soups is that no two of them taste the same. They all have their unique tastes,  Nigerian soups deliver deliciousness consistently.

 So, follow along!

Cheap Yoruba Soups to Cook in Nigeria

Yorubas have varieties of cheap soup to cook in Nigeria with 1k or less. Each of these soup varieties, when prepared well, will be enjoyed by almost everyone. Below are the major soups consumed by Yorubas

1. Efo Riro

Efo riro has been the best soup from Yorubaland. No other tribe can make efo riro like the Yorubas. You can cook with any type of vegetable.

Cheap Nigerian soups

You can combine two or more vegetables, depending on your preferences. Add pepper, meat, dried fish, crayfish, Ponmo, Iru, etc depending on your budget and preference.

2. Egusi

Egusi is one the best cheap soups to cook in Nigeria by Yorubas.  It has a unique taste and flavourful taste. Egusi soup is very rich in protein, fats, minerals, and vitamins. It goes with all types of food.

3. Ila Alasepo (Stewed okro)

I love stewed okro soup, or ila Alasepo as it’s called in the Yoruba language. Ila Alasepo of the cheapest soups to cook in Nigeria.

Cheap Soups to Cook in Nigeria

It is Yoruba’s best soup and very easy to cook too. ila Alasepo is a standalone soup unlike Ewedu and plain okro soup which are not standalone soups. If cooked well with enough animals it beats all types of soups in Nigeria.

4. Omi Ọbẹ

Omi ọbẹ is a very common soup among the Yorubas. It is usually paired with Ewedu, egusi, plain okro, ẹfọ riro to eat Amala, Eba, or pounded yam.

The difference between omi ọbẹ and ọbẹ ata dindin is that omi ọbẹ is a little watery and very smooth, unlike the obe ata dindin which the pepper mixture is usually rough when blended and the consistency is thick.

5. Ọbẹ ewúrẹ (bitter leaf soup)

Obe ewúrẹ is cooked just like ẹfọ riro, it is made with bitterleaf. It can be eaten by any type of swallow. 

Cheap Igbo Yoruba Soups to Cook in Nigeria

Igbo people have a variety of traditional cheap soups to cook in Nigeria with at least 1k or more depending on how you want it. These soups can be taken with Akpu (fufu), eba  Pounded Yam, Semolina, Akpu (fufu) etc.

6. Ofe Oha (Ora soup)

Ofe Oha is one of the most popular Igbo soups in Nigeria, it is made with oha (Ora) leaves. It is mostly consumed among the people of Enugu where the oha tree grows the most.

7. Ofe Ogbono 

Ogbono is one of the most nutritious and delicious soups of the Igbo people in Nigeria. Ogbono seeds are obtained from the Adu tree and the Ugiri tree. 

8. Ofe Nsala 

Ofe Nsala is one of the most delicious and mouth-watering soups. It is mostly consumed by people of Eastern and Riverline parts of Nigeria.

It is called white soup because palm oil is not included when preparing it. ofe nsala is made with catfish and one can also use chicken. 

9. Ofe Akwu (Banga Soup)

Banga soup is a very popular soup of people of the southeastern and south southern parts of Nigeria.  In the South Eastern parts of Nigeria, Banga soup can be taken with various Apku (fufu), Pounded Yam, Starch, Semolina, and Eba. 

10. Ofe okazi (Okazi Soup)

Okazi soup is an Igbo soup made with okazi leaves and ugu. Okazi soup can be prepared in different ways depending on the state, while some prefer to use both okazi leave and ugu leave in preparing the soup, some prefer to use only okazi leave. 

Okazi soup is prepared with both/or okazi and ugu, meat, assorted fish, and spices.


Cheap Hausa Soups to Cook in Nigeria

Hausas has the most delicious varieties of  Soups in Nigeria. If you are looking for a cheap soup to cook in Nigeria, Hausa has the highest number of soups you can cook with 1k or less. Below are the major Hausas soups. 

11. Miyan Taushe (Pumpkin Soup)

Miyan Taushe is also called pumpkin soup. miyan taushe is a very delicious and popular soup in the Northern part of Nigeria. It can be eaten with fufu or any swallow, rice, and even naan bread.

It is usually served with rice cake (masa/waina), or rice balls (tuwon shinkafa). Ingredients to prepare miyan taushe includes Pumpkin, roasted peanuts, Goat meat, palm oil, tomatoes

The major ingredients are pumpkin, goat meat, palm oil, tomatoes, onion, pepper, scotch bonnet peppers, spinach, ground dry crayfish, shrimp bouillon, and salt.

12. Miyan Geda

Miyan Geda (groundnut soup) is one of the most popular soups in the northern part of Nigeria. It is made with groundnut and is very easy to prepare.

Ingredients to prepare Miyan Geda include Ground dried groundnut, Dried fish, meat, Ground crayfish, onions, Palm oil, Salt, Vegetable, and Ground pepper.

13. Mayan Ganyen Rogo (Cassava Leaf Soup)

Moyan gangan is a soup made with fresh cassava leaves. It is very sweet and tasty when eaten with tuwon masara.

Ingredients used to cook moyare genyen rogo are cassava leaves, pepper, onion, fish, meat, groundnut oil and Maggi. It is best eaten with tuwon shinkafa, tuwon masara and dáwà.

14. Miyan kwai Da Wake

Mayar kwai da wake is the sweetest and most delicious among all the soups cooked by the Hausas. If you love eating egusi soup, you will surely love miyan kwai da wake.

Ingredients to cook miyar kwai da wake (egg with bean soup) include Eggs, fish, meat, onion salt  

15. Miyan Dage Dage

Miyan dage dage is one of the traditional soups made by the Northern part of Nigeria, especially by the Hausa/ Fulani tribe. This soup is made with fresh tomatoes.

Ingredients to prepare Mayan dage dage include tomatoes, clove, curry, fish, garlic, Ground ginger, palm oil, salt, and seasoning to taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cheapest soup to make in Nigeria?

Ila Alasepo (stewed okro) is the cheapest soup to cook in Nigeria with ₦200. All you need to do is to Buy okro ₦50, pepper ₦30, Maggi ₦20, palm oil ₦100.

What is the cheapest Igbo soup?

Bitter Leaf (Ofe Onugbu) is the cheapest Igbo soup, you can get bitter leaves free from any household among the Igbos.

They are the tribe that plants most vegetables. All you need to do is to add bitter leaves and get rid of bitterness, add pepper, salt, palm oil, Maggi then your soup is ready.

What can I cook with ₦2000 naira?

You can cook any Nigeria soup with ₦2000 depending on your preferences and how you want it 

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Cheapest Nigerian soups


We are lucky as Nigerians to have varieties of cheap soup to cook in Nigeria. 

Nigerian soups are made with different ingredients that are packed with healthy nutritional benefits. You can make many variations of soups depending on your preferences.

If you have at least 1k or less, you can cook any one of the 15 soups mentioned above and enjoy yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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