Latest Agbada Styles for Men & Prices in Nigeria + Pictures

One of the interesting things about Nigeria is that it is a socially rich center with diverse traditional dressing.

The different types of traditional dress with various matching head tie styles for women and caps for men are mind-captivating and welcoming.

Although dressing varies amongst ethnic groups, Agbada is one of the all-time favorites for special occasions and events. We have previously written about kaftan wear and prices in Nigeria, do well to read it before proceeding.

Oban wears Agbada
Agbada made by Oban wears

It is made in colorful ways from natural materials like cotton. It’s a loose-fitting garment of knee length, a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of trousers.

It is styled and designed in different ways with embroidered fashion wools. During traditional festivals or other events, it is paired with beads and a matching cap.

The Origin of Agbada

Its origin can be traced to Yoruba Culture. It was an outfit known to be worn by people of importance such as Kings, respected chiefs, and other high-caliber sets of people.

Nowadays, there have been a lot of improvements and changes to the style and patterns of agbada unlike before when it was mainly a full-length, wide, and wing-like dress with sleeves up to the fingertips.

The complete agbada set includes a cap, kaftan top, pants, and agbada itself.

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Why Choose Agbada over Other Dressing styles for prestigious occasions 

  • It’s a dress style that commands respect 
  • It’s a form of preserving the unique Yoruba culture 
  • Well-recognized and loved African garment 
  • Fit into any important occasion 
  • Comes in different styles, patterns, and colors 
  • Can be rocked by both young and old 
  • It’s a dress for class
  • It is easily maintained

Prices of Agbada in Nigeria 

Since agbada comes in different styles, sizes, patterns, materials, and embroidered designs involved, there are no fixed prices for it.

The price of getting a complete agbada set ranges from ₦70,000 – ₦500,000 and sometimes more. However, we have featured an Agbada price list from our fashion partner – Oban wears.

Standard Grade

Style: 3 pieces Àgbàdá attire

Price: ₦95,000.

Premium Grade

Style: 3 pieces Àgbàdá attire

Price: ₦130,000

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Best Fabrics

Unmatchable designs

Affordable prices

Agbada Styles for Men (Pictures)

Agbada Embroidery Designs

Agbada embroidery designs in Nigeria have never been so chic! From traditional geometric patterns to modern motifs, this West African fashion trend is taking over the world.

Agbada Embroidery Designs
Agbada Embroidery Designs

Fashionistas everywhere are embracing these colorful creations with open arms. Each piece features bright colors and intricate details that make it stand out from the crowd. Perfect for special occasions or everyday wear, Agbada embroidery designs offer a unique way to express yourself and show off your personal style.

His excellency Agbada

If you’re looking for an eye-catching wardrobe update, then look no further. With so many designs to choose from, you can create a unique look that will turn heads wherever you go. So why not get creative and add some agbada embroidery designs to your closet?

Final Thought 

The agbada dress is an all-time loved and well-recognized African dress common to the Yorubas.

It fits into any special occasion and can be worn by both young and old. Its materials a readily available and easy to get.

It’s an affordable dressing style that comes in various patterns and attractive colors.

Since this style of dressing comes in unique designs and colors, it’s a good one to have and worth every penny spent to make it.

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