Ring Light Price in Nigeria (May 2024)


These days, social media and digital marketing have become key sources of making money. There are varieties of products and services rendered through social media, which increases the need for video content and clear pictures of products and services.

18 inches Ring Light
18 inches Ring Light

Do you wonder how those beautiful videos you see online are of high quality and well-lit? 

Are you discouraged you will need to purchase an expensive camera to get such clear and quality videos and pictures?

 Please don’t be because a Ring Light is all you need to do the same!!

Ring Light is lightning equipment that helps emphasize product details, perfect for filming and photography by the production of a uniform light coming from the point of view of the camera thereby generating good color effects.

The importance of a Ring Light

  • The circular design of a ring light allows for perfect product details during photography and video production 
  • It’s economical 
  • Evenly distributed lighting on objects of focus
  • A good source of generating perfect color effects 
  • Produce brilliant outlines on the focused object 
  • Good for makeup application even in a sense of natural light or brightness
Ring Light unboxing
Ring Light unboxing

List of Professionals that uses ring light

  1. Photographers
  2. Videographers
  3. Makeup Artists
  4. YouTubers
  5. Skit Makers
  6. Vloggers
  7. Models
  8. Filmmakers
  9. Actors
  10. Social Media Influencers
Ring Lights in different sizes
Ring Lights in different sizes

Ring Light Prices in Nigeria

We will list the price of the ring light, as well as the accessories that come with it. This will allow you to choose the best option when choosing one.

Sizes in InchesPriceAccessories
14 inches Ring Light Price in Nigeria₦17,000A tripod stand and 3 phone holders
12 inch Ring Light Price in Nigeria₦14,500A tripod stand, and phone holder
10 inch Ring Light Price in Nigeria₦10,000With just a tripod stand no phone holder 
22 inch Ring Light Price in Nigeria₦34,000Tripod stand, remote, screen touch, phone holder, and bag
18 inch Ring Light Price in Nigeria₦26,000Tripod stand, remote, phone holder, bag
14 inch Ring Light Price in Nigeria₦20,000Tripod stand, phone holder, WiFi, remote, and bag
18 inch Ring Light₦24,000Tripod stand, 2 phone holders, rainbow color option

Shopping for a perfect Ring light that suits your needs 

Ring lights come in various sizes and heights, determining a perfect type for ourselves depends on the gadget it is to be used with.

Ring Light Price in Nigeria

Are you going to pair it with an iPad, smartphone, tablet, or camera? These are quite important as you need to get one that would fit the size of f the gadget involved 

Flexibility, power, and sizes of the ring light should also be considered when choosing a ring light. A good quality ring light should have a brightness deemed knob with temperature control.

One should also consider the added accessories; they all have a role to play in achieving a perfect result. These include a stand, phone holder, carrier bag, flexible ring, and camera holder.

How much is ring light in Nigeria?

The price of ring lights in Nigeria varies according to size and type. Price range from around ₦10,000 to ₦50,000

Final thought

If you are growing an online audience with the aim of marketing products or services to them, or if you already have one, if you produce video content or are even a makeup artist and always wish to give your consumers the best, then the need for a quality ring light that meets your requirements is a must.

They are affordable and come in different sizes with different accessories, each with its own unique functions.

So the next time you want a well-lit, presentable, and beautiful picture or video, reach out for a ring light.

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