150 KVA Generator Price in Nigeria: May 2024


Investing in a high-capacity generator provides Nigerian homes and businesses with reliable backup electricity during power outages.

This article reviews costs and key considerations when purchasing 150 KVA generators – powerful enough for large facilities.

Key Factors When Buying a 150 KVA Generator in Nigeria

Consider the following factors when selecting a 150 KVA generator:

Power Output

  • Match the generator’s power capacity to your facility’s needs to avoid issues.
  • 150 KVA can reliably support large commercial sites and industrial operations.

Fuel Efficiency

  • More fuel-efficient models have lower long-term operating costs.
  • Consider diesel or gas generators for maximum efficiency.

Noise Level

  • Noise levels below 80 decibels are preferable for urban areas.
  • Soundproof casing reduces disturbances for neighbors.

Ease of Maintenance

  • Generators needing frequent service have higher maintenance costs.
  • Simpler maintenance is better for remote sites.

Warranties & Support

  • Longer warranties provide greater protection against parts failures.
  • Local manufacturer support ensures easier maintenance.

Understanding 150 KVA Generator Capacity

150 KVA generators offer ample capacity for large facilities including:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Food processing operations
  • Large hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial high-rise buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Telecom towers

A 150 KVA unit provides 150 kilovolt-amperes of power. This means 150 kilowatts under ideal conditions.

Sizing a 150 KVA Generator

To size your generator, calculate your facility’s critical power needs during an outage. Consider:

  • Lighting
  • Vital equipment
  • Security systems
  • Cooling/ventilation
  • Elevators
  • Communications

Oversizing wastes money on unnecessary capacity. Undersizing risks of power interruption.

Top 150 KVA Generator Brands in Nigeria

The most popular and reputable 150 KVA generator brands in Nigeria include:

Mikano Generators

  • Price Range: ₦15 million – ₦20 million
  • Features: Perkins engines, soundproofing, fuel efficiency

Cummins Generators

  • Price Range: ₦18 million – ₦22 million
  • Features: Diesel-powered, robust, low maintenance

Caterpillar Generators

  • Price Range: ₦18 million – ₦22 million
  • Features: Durable, easily serviced, worldwide support

Denyo Generators

  • Price Range: ₦13.5 million – ₦14 million
  • Features: Reliable, cost-effective, good for small businesses

Perkins Generators

  • Price Range: ₦13.5 million – ₦14 million
  • Features: Fuel efficient, affordable, noise reduction

These major brands offer the reliability, performance, and durability needed for backup power. Mikano, Cummins, and Caterpillar are leading premium options.

Factors Influencing 150 KVA Generator Prices in Nigeria

Generator prices depend on several key factors:

Production Costs

  • Material expenses
  • Labor costs
  • Manufacturing processes

Transportation & Distribution

  • Logistics to move generators
  • Dealer product delivery

Market Demand

  • High demand increases prices
  • Low demand reduces prices

Brand Reputation & Competition

  • Well-known brands command higher prices
  • Competition can lower prices

Economic Conditions

  • Recession lowers demand and prices
  • Growth spurs purchases raising prices

Import Duties & Levies

  • Import costs get passed to buyers

Generator Specifications

  • More features increase prices

Location of Buyer

  • Delivery to remote areas raises costs

Currency Exchange Rates

  • Naira weakness increases import prices

Seasons & Holidays

  • Prices rise during high electricity use periods

Current 150 KVA Generator Costs in Nigeria

Prices of 150 KVA generators in Nigeria generally range between:

  • ₦13 million – ₦23 million

However, costs vary based on:

  • Brand
  • Specific model
  • Features

Here are current price examples from top brands:

Perkins 150 KVA Generators

  • ₦13.45 million – ₦14 million

Denyo 150 KVA Generators

  • ₦13.45 million – ₦14 million

Rental Options

Renting a 150 KVA generator can also minimize upfront costs. However, extended rental periods may exceed the purchase price.

Renting vs Buying a 150 KVA Generator in Nigeria



  • Lower upfront costs
  • No maintenance responsibilities
  • Flexible contract terms


  • Recurring rental fees add up
  • May exceed purchase price over time
  • Renter responsible for damages



  • Lower long-term costs
  • Customize to needs
  • Resell value


  • High upfront price
  • Maintenance is owner’s responsibility
  • Storage space required

Evaluate costs against needs when choosing to rent or buy.


With frequent power cuts across Nigeria, a 150 KVA generator is essential for uninterrupted electricity to large facilities.

Carefully weigh power output, efficiency, noise, maintenance, warranties, and other buying factors. Leading brands like Mikano, Cummins, and Perkins balance performance with affordability.

Compare purchase costs versus renting for your situation. Investing in a quality 150 KVA generator provides reliable energy access to maximize productivity.

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