Skyrun Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria (July 2024)


One of the top trusted brands that produces a lot of quality, durable, and affordable electronic products with the latest technology is the Skyrun Brand.

Products include televisions, freezers, air conditioners, water dispensers, washing machines, and gas cookers, among others.

Skyrun Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

All the above-mentioned products are reliable and come with a warranty. They are present in all 36 states in Nigeria hence, products are always available and easily accessible.

Of course, we do not plan to discuss all products from this brand in this article but to introduce you to their washing machines to make washing easier, faster, and time-saving you can always check our sites for information about other products.

Skyrun Washing machines prices are one of the affordable options to choose from varieties of products in the market.

Asides from their affordability, they are very efficient in giving good results in every wash.

With the latest technology built to give fast and efficient clothes washing, with bacteria and germs protection to reduce allergies, and also comes a durable plastic body that cannot be destroyed by rats and other rodents making it a good option amongst other products.


Advantages of owning a Skyrun washing machine 

High-efficiency motor for stable power supply, energy saving,g, and consumption.

Overload Protection Prevents the motor from being overloaded and prolongs the service life of the machine 

Easy to use knob control, wash, and spin compartments.

It’s durable and comes with a year’s warranty.

Prices of Skyrun Washing Machine In Nigeria 

  • Skyrun Washing Machine 6kg Twin Tub ₦80,000
  • Skyrun Washing Machine 12kg, Top Loaders automatic ₦195,000
  • Skyrun Washing Machine 7kg Twin Tub Manual ₦85,000
Skyrun Washing Machine Price in Nigeria

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Our all-time focus is saving you the stress of confusion when deciding where to go for goods and services.

We bring you the latest prices on quality and durable products with the latest technology to ease our day-to-day tasks because your comfort is our happiness.

And this is why we bring to you one of the best options for washing machine price in form of skyrun.

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